The testing community is awesome

The testing community is awesome

Today the testing community was awaken by this tweet:

This is probably the most striking and the saddest thing I read while scrolling down my morning twitter timeline, then I decided to donate on youcaring and share this tweet. I don’t know Kristoffer Nordström, I only know him from twitter and remembered that he is part of the testing community located in Sweden.

What happened next is remarkable. All the testing community shared this and asked for help. I’ve seen several tweets related to this bad news, several blog posts, many messages on the Testers slack and on the Ministry of Testing slack and even Rosie Sherry abused of her power to spray the word (of course you’re forgiven).

And guess what? It works! As I write it, it’s more than €88,000 (for a goal of €110,000) that have been fund raised. Of course not all donors are testers, but today I’ve seen an united community, a community that is able to rally for important causes.

I’m now sure that the goal will be soon reached and that Linnea will get the treatment she needed. If you can donate a bunch of money, it will help the family to reach the 110.000€ goal. You can also help by sharing the donation page.

This community is awesome!

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  1. Hi. I have met Kristoffer Nordström at Eurostar 2012, he was helping with animating some talks and introducing the speakers. I believe he is himself a speaker, and is a very active member of the software testing community. His active participation is a chance as it rewarded him by helping out his daughter: did you know the funds collection reached €195,461, almost double the initial goal of €110,000! That is a very good news for his family and for the other people reached with that disease. Software testing rocks!

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