Our reading recommendations of the week#28 – 2017

Our reading recommendations of the week#28 – 2017

New week, new recommendations. Here are a few blog posts you may want to read.

  • First, after the latest interview of Steph Desby (only in French for the moment, we’re looking for a volunteer translator) we discovered example mapping and this interesting article by Matt Wynne about how to use this simple trick to better prepare user stories and acceptance criteria: https://cucumber.io/blog/2015/12/08/example-mapping-introduction
  • Then let’s read the blog post from Alekxis Tulonen about his experience for thinking like a user: How Testers Can Start Thinking like Users. If you can, you should really spend some time with your users: you will learn a lot of things, not always positive feedback, but it’s probably better not to ignore them.
  • And finally the always exciting feedback from Katrina Clokie with the problem to be resolved of several teams engaged in automation and working on the same set of products. She writes a test automation canvas in order to help them have the same visibility and no more code diverging.

See you soon with other reading recommendations and enjoy your summer vacations


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