Our reading recommendations of the week#26 – 2017

Our reading recommendations of the week#26 – 2017

Summer holidays are getting really close. Here are the readings we would like to share with you:

We are very proud to start those recommendations by announcing you that one of our Lyontesting pro-active organizers’ article has been published in the June edition of Testing Trapeze magazine! It is a very motivating news for Lyon testing ecosystem, and probably french one as we do not see that happening very often.

Stéphane Colson, after being involved with testers recruitment, realized how hard it was to carry the right interviews to select the right set of skills. You will find his reflections by downloading the magazine with the link above and looking for his article: “Testing testers: how to hire quality”.

On a different note, let’s go back to this widespread question that your managers may be obsessed with: ‘how many test cases have passed?’, otherwise called the red or green obsession. Kim Engel answers that obsession by challenging the test cases real efficiency and by highlighting their flows: “What does testing look like without test cases?”

Security. I am pretty sure that you have received a warning email at work this week talking about a new wave of ransomware attacks. It may sound scary, but you may also be reassured since some watchmen citizens randomly find security flows: read the story How I found a persistent xss affecting thousands of career sites by the hacker ak1t4 that you can find on the security bug bounty platform Hackerone.

Lyontesting authors will also be on summer holidays very soon, but don’t worry if you find the beach too boring: we will still provide you with few recommendations. See you soon!

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