Our reading recommendations of the week #9/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #9/17

Welcome to our weekly reading recommendations!

This week read about the following topics:

  • Breaking news: AWS S3 goes down!
  • A beginner lesson about security testing using Fiddler
  • Sorting and prioritizing automated checks

Breaking news

One of the big news this week was the online storage service from Amazon, AWS S3, going down for a few hours, having knocking-down effects on various popular sites such as Trello.

What we like about this news is NOT the fact that it reminds us about cloud services being a big controversy and major turning point for companies: it tells us that relying on strong website’s SLA through ideas such as “This is all a fuss over nothing — the AWS service level agreement promises 99.9% availability.” can prevent safe decisions regarding risks mitigation. After all, the company’s business can be at stake during those few hours of blackout…

Security for beginners

Have you ever ran into a security issue while testing, feeling that you barely scratched the surface with that topic or/and feeling frustrated of not going deeper into the matter?

This article from the Ministry of Testing dojo will give you a practical insight and will describe how to start your security investigation with Fiddler:

“But I’m not a security tester! Security testing on the web for the rest of us”

Sorting and prioritizing automated checks

The hints and tips given by the author in his blog post “Oh the tests I’ll run” will be of interests to the testers working closely with automated test suites: they will learn how he defines priorities overtime for the automated checks, adapting it at every run.


For those of you who still are on winter holidays under the snow, enjoy those last moments besides the chimney fire with a good read!

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