Our reading recommendations of the week #8 – 2019

Our reading recommendations of the week #8 – 2019

Welcome to our newly reading recommendations. This week, we suggest you to read the following articles about :

  • Code Coverage and Test Coverage
  • Shifting left, and shifting right
  • An introduction to generative Testing

In people minds, there is often a confusion between Code coverage and Test Coverage, which are, you guessed it, not the same at all. To explain that, Dan Ashby used an analogy, using one of his little boy toy. If you’re interested or still need to understand the difference between these two types of coverage, then I highly recommend you to read this first blog post: Code Coverage vs Test Coverage; Subjectivity and Usefulness

Do you know exactly what is Shift left, and what is shift right in a testing context? If you’re not sure, and also if you’re sure (because you might be wrong) I suggest you to read the Lisa Crispin article: Shift left, shift right – what are we shifting, and why?

Finally, let’s talk about generative testing which is a method that generates (randomly or not) test cases for you. You just need to give, as an input, what a query can look like and what kind of parameters are possible then, as an output, you will have test cases. It can be thousand or millions, and then you can chose a specific set randomly or with other criteria if you don’t want to (or just can’t) use all combinations. The Medium post from Jon Normington is here: A smarter way to QA: introducing generative testing

And you? Did you read a very good blog post recently and would like to share it?

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