Our reading recommendations of the week #7/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #7/17


Welcome to our weekly reading recommendations!

This week read about the following topics:

  • Software testing in France
  • Screen testing
  • Tester’s role in 2025
  • Should I test at the GUI or at the API level?

Software testing in France

France is unfortunately running behind in terms of variety of test blogs in its own language compared to many other countries where software testing is shining. This week we spotted an interesting one written by StephDesby, including her 2-part story of how and why she became a software tester:

My Path to testing – Part 1 & My Path to testing – Part 2

We wanted to share her articles since she highlights the lack of resources in our native language, and how french software testing world may be ‘phased out’ from the rest of the world: her brief feedback in french about James Bach’s visit in Paris in December 2015 says it all.

Screen testing!

It is nothing about testing your TV screen, but about finding software testing elements within movies and TV shows. Neil Studd gives us an interesting insight on his ‘screen testing’ study of the recent movie ‘Deepwater Horizon’ – 12th of October 2016 –

If you also liked this article, be ready since the author announced a promising upcoming podcast for March 2017, whose objective will be to relate our tester job to various movies. Who knows? Maybe Bruce Willis really did perform some tests before launching his car on the terrorist’s helicopter in Die Hard 4…

What will be the tester’s role in 2025?

Find out in Maaike Brinkhof‘s article, “Tester in an Agile team: a necessity or dispensable?

Should I API or Should I GUI ?

Should I test at the GUI Level or the API Level? from Alan Richardson, a.k.a Evil Tester, gives somes interesting thoughts about whether we should test more the API itself without testing the interface, especially when it is a matter of automating tests?

We hope you enjoy those readings and wish you a pleasant week-end!

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