Our reading recommendations of the week #5/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #5/17


Here’s our list of reading recommendations for these 2 last weeks.

We are full of cognitive biases and you might be aware of this fact if you read our blog. HDD or Hype-Driven Development happens when a development team tends to be driven in her choices only by novelty and buzzwords; only selecting technologies that seems to be trending. An overview article is available here.

If your team is not that awesome, you may need to follow some good advices given by Erik Brickarp in this article: How do you help a team become awesome?

What is Context-Driven Testing? Here are 7 Basic Principles of Context-Driven Testing to help you understand this mindset shift, originally developed by well known Cem Kaner, James Bach & Bret Pettichord.

Finally, Rich Rogers interviewed Richard Bradshaw in the monthly Q&A of his blog.

Next week, a new event of the Lyon Testing team will be the first Ministry Of Testing meetup in Lyon. For those in and around Lyon (or just visiting) join here.

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  1. This post was super inspiring, I’m so glad I just stumbled across it! It’s really wonderful to know about what Context-Driven Testing was, and these 7 basic principles of context-driven testing will help me a lot.

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