Our reading recommendations of the week #51 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #51 – 2018

Hello, here are our weekly reading recommendations :

  • Podcast “Super Testing World”
  • 30 Days of security testing challenge by Ministry of Testing
  • Fifteen free tools to help with testing by Kristin Jackvony
  • What scares me most by Simon Berner

At first, an audio Podcast, “Super Testing World” , from the Ministry Of Testing community, about advices for new testers and what is exciting about testing in 2019. You can find links on the same page to many other podcasts.

If you want to improve your testing skills, you can go and follow the new 30 Days of security testing challenge which is taking place this month. After you have done your own research for each step, you can compare with other testers who have also done their homework, such as Mike the tester’s feedback.

As the features and bug fixes we test often require a different strategy, we often need different tools to help with the exploratory testing. Kristin Jackvony provides a quick shortlist of fifteen free tools that she uses to make testing faster and easier.

Finally, an interesting insight into a common fear that we meet at work : receiving negative feedback. Simon Berner shares with us its own experience into his article “What scares me the most”.

Lyon Testing team wishes you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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