Our reading recommendations of the week #50 – 2017

Our reading recommendations of the week #50 – 2017

Our reading recommendations of this week contains:

  • How to interview programmers for quality mindset?
  • Tips for interviewing junior testers
  • A new model for test strategies
  • How to become an automation engineer?

When interviewing testers, we often ask them what their skills are in programming. But do we also try to evaluate programmers regarding their quality mindset? Probably not enough, and that’s the subject of the Lalit Bhamare article we first suggest you to read “Interviewing programmers for quality mindset“.

Secondly, about interviewing testers again, the “Tips for interviewing junior testers” on the Ministry Of Testing Dojo is very valuable. Thanks to Cassandra Leung for pointing it to me in a blog comment.

The Heuristic Test Strategy Model written by James Marcus Bach a long time ago is a reference for every Software tester. Dan Ashby suggests another version on his blog.

Finally, if you want to embrace the hype around automation and become an automation engineer, then you should listen to this podcast and/or read slides included in this short article by Angie Jones.

Good reading!

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