Our reading recommendations of the week #49/16

Our reading recommendations of the week #49/16

Here are the reading recommendations collected these last 15 days.

Is manual testing dying? Is manual testing dead? When manual testing will be completely replaced by automation? Or is it “Manual testing” vs “Automated testing” that is dying? This blog article by Albert Gareev tries to give answers: Automation beyond blog.

Automatize your checks should always start with a ‘why?’ according to Bas Dijkstra. We recommend you to read this blog article if you are interested in the strategy of automated testing/checking.

Stop fighting. Start participating. Thanks to Katrina the Tester for great advices in this article.

Following up on a provocative talk called “How to Get Automation Included in Your Definition of Done” by Angie Jones at testbash philly, read this article by Satyajit Malugu

Enjoy, and have a great weekend, testers!

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