Our reading recommendations of the week #48 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #48 – 2018

Maybe you noticed that our blog was down during more than a week. It was “hacked and then stopped by ourself. Someone malicious decided to use it in order to redirect any incoming request to a website that is probably earning money depending on traffic.

So welcome back to lyontesting.fr and let’s not lose good habits by sharing with you a few reading recommendations.

  • A False Dichotomy of Modern Testing by Jeff Nyman
  • Continuous Security with Find-Sec-Bugs by Sławomir Radzymiński
  • The mobile release train by Daniel Knott

In the first short article “A False Dichotomy of Modern Testing“, Jeff Nyman challenges the propensity to confront different testing activity commonly named “Manual Testing” and “Automated Testing”. When you understand this dichotomy, you shouldn’t have to choose any of them, but better find the balance that matters, and be helped by any other Testing technique. To put it in a nutshell, use your brain to choose the toolkit that fits the situation.

To continue, because we became more aware about security after experiencing a hack, I recommend reading the tutorial written by Sławomir Radzymiński in this blog article titled “Continuous Security with Find-Sec-Bugs“. He explains how to use Find Security Bugs, add it to your Maven projects and into your Continuous Integration pipeline in order to analyse java code and eventually find security bugs.

Finally, Daniel Knott made a talk during TestBash Germany “How To Scale Mobile Testing Across Several Teams” (you can watch it if you have a pro account on the Ministry Of Testing Dojo) and introduces the Mobile Release Train he put in place for his project. The principle is to fix a release date (just like a train has a departure time that cannot be postponed) and release only things that are ready on time (just like a train only transport travellers that get on the train before it leaves the station).


Thanks for reading and take care 😉

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