Our reading recommendations of the week #47/16

Our reading recommendations of the week #47/16

Winter is approaching.

Sunshine is hiding more and more, gloves came out of their box again as the atmosphere gets chilly… A perfect time to lock yourself up at home with good reading recommendations!

Firefox DevTools has now a network throttling tool to simulate slow connections, just like Chromium/Chrome since a while. It is currently available only with Firefox nightly build version 52. Read the announcement in the Mozilla blog

In this second article, IBM unveils its new global security headquarters , a full-fledged cyber-security war room where clients can be put in the middle of a cyber threat and experience what it’s like and what it takes to defend against malware, APTs, DDoS and many other attacks.

Wondering how testing conferences outside Europe work? Cross the planet for a few minutes by reading the full experience of the speaker Stephen Janaway at WeTest 2016 in New Zealand

Testers and medical staff have to use similar skills: this is a story of when testing and real life collide.

Not exactly a reading, but if you miss the SeleniumConf UK as we do, we just want to remind you that the videos of the talks are available here.


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