Our reading recommendations of the week #46– 2019

Our reading recommendations of the week #46– 2019

Hello and welcome to our reading recommendations of the month!

This week will feature:

  • Recent investigation about a deadly self-driving car crash,
  • Free card deck for 50 Quick Ideas to Improve User Stories,

  • How to apply Shift-Left Testing in Continuous Testing.

Welcome back to our new weekly recommendations.

If you are involved with testing self-driving cars, you may have heard of this deadly ‘car-that-thinks’ crash in the USA which occurred in March 2018. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), in charge of the investigation, very recently released the final report explaining the symptoms and the root causes.

If you liked the Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your User Stories book, but have trouble juggling all fifty ideas in your head, get them as a convenient reference card deck : download here the printable PDF shared by Gojko Adzic.

If you have trouble understanding Shift-left testing, have a read at this article : How to Apply Shift-Left Testing in Continuous Testing? from a knowledge testing blog called Abode QA.

Thanks for reading us and see you next time!

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