Our reading recommendations of the week #45/16

Our reading recommendations of the week #45/16

Here are a few reads we recommend this week

An article explaining how QA can be helped by Docker for easier, faster and more effective testing: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3130670/application-development/the-hidden-benefits-of-docker-for-qa.html

James Willet gives 8 reasons why software testing is harder than development in this second article: http://james-willett.com/2016/10/8-reasons-why-software-testing-is-harder-than-development/

Viktor Slavchev follows his series about “what testing is not…” with “what testing is…. “. Exploratory testing is Part 1: http://mrslavchev.com/2016/11/04/software-testing-is-part-1/

Huib Schoots explains how to be an awesome tester. Lots of insights in this article, but it’s not a scoop, the answer is a lot of work plus a lot of other things: http://www.huibschoots.nl/wordpress/?p=2466

Josh Grant shares his experience of leaving the activity of test development and why he thinks that “Learning to use automation smartly is one of the most important skills for a software developer”: http://simplythetest.tumblr.com/post/152623811810/farewell-test-development

Lyon Testing blog team wishes you an excellent read and a good weekend!

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