Our reading recommendations of the week #45 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #45 – 2018

Welcome to our new weekly recommendations :

  • 30-day-API-testing challenge
  • No REST for women
  • What to put in a smoke test
  • Processes against humans, a bank example

The Ministry of Testing, the biggest software testing community, has launched during November a new 30 days challenge, and this time it is all about API testing. You can of course follow and do the challenge on your own, but what the Ministry Of Testing aims at is to encourage you to share your findings along with the community, such as those individuals have done for the ‘Practice API testing‘ or the ‘Approach API exploratory testing‘ parts.

To dig more into API testing, Anne-Marie Charrett claims it: women who test them never REST, such as her collation of resources only created by women shows.

How would you define a smoke test and which tests would you gather underneath that term? Kristin Jackvony shares her experience in the matter and gives us precious advice about it.

Finally, a ‘fun story’ about bank processes going against human logic, told by Karlo Smid. We could call that story “How IT does not provide help for humans”.

See you soon for more recommendations!

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