Our reading recommendations of the week #44 – 2017

Our reading recommendations of the week #44 – 2017

Here are our reading recommendations for this week:

  • API analogy for dummies,
  • Six seconds to win – parallel with leadership in football,
  • Should we ‘fight’ against the use of manual and automated testers?

Ever had to test an API and never really understood how it really worked? Student programmer Timothy Choi takes through a very understandable analogy for beginners: How APIs work – An Analogy For Dummies.

You are leading several test projects at the same time, and to fit into your tight schedule you are aiming at giving more than 100% of yourself? It is not healthy and is counter-productive to sprint all day long, and this parallel with a leadership lesson learned in football by Dan Rockwell reminds it to us: Six Seconds To Win. The comments which follow are worth a read too.

On a last note, are the terms ‘manual testers’ and ‘automated testers’ being misused, or are we just missing the most important picture which is people’s perceptions about those terms? Maaret Pyhäjärvi uses an improvisation exercice to enforce the benefits and uniqueness of testers peforming tests manually, that people tend to forget through their misconceptions of what automated testing really does: Yes, I am a manual tester and… . This exercice talks to me since I also practice it regularly in my improv class.

See you in two weeks!

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