Our reading recommendations of the week #40 – 2017

Our reading recommendations of the week #40 – 2017

These weekly reading and podcast recommandations are focused on storytelling, managing team members, efficient work delegation and finally a list of interesting podcasts to listen to.

The first recommendation is one of Huib Schoots ‘s workshops about Storytelling for test professionals – The page summary is written by Alexander Todorov. I personnally relate the details mentioned to a hobby I have outside of work which I really love because it is fun, very engaging and challenging: improvisation theater.

The two following ones concern team management, not from the sole perspective of testers but from the whole software team. After all, let’s not forget that we are fully part of a team aiming at the same objectives regarding the end customer:

Finally, for an alternative to reading, here is a list of podcasts that you can listen to realised by Brian Okken: “Test and code”

Happy readings and listening!

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