Our reading recommendations of the week #36/16

Our reading recommendations of the week #36/16

Here’s a list of a few articles we read this week and want to share with our beloved readers.

Our last recommendation may certainly require more time than a simple article, but we can not miss presenting it to you: if you did not know that testing was an art – yes, you heard us, an art! – then you should read the free ebook:

“Beautiful testing” available for download here.


This book gathers various stories from many different professional testers or developers, emphasizing the skills and qualities that they used in a specific context, elevating testing to a highly-skilled job and giving it a deep and true meaning.

François, one of our contributors, read the chapter 12 “Software in use” written by Karen Johnson:

“Karen Johnson describes her experience of testing that medical system with so much passion that you feel completely hooked to the story: her personal involvment, the huge risks at stake – it really is about people’s life – and her approach about the real multi-user testing are absolutely inspiring and made me like my job even more.”


Turning your testing into good stories is a very powerful way of attracting the team’s attention towards issues or risks found during your exploratory testing sessions. We are certain that you will learn a lot from this ebook.


Any comment or feelings you would like to share about those articles and ebook we’ve just presented you? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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