Our reading recommendations of the week #39/16

Our reading recommendations of the week #39/16

Here are a few reads we recommend this week:


Finally, remember the book “Beautiful testing” that we advised you three weeks ago here?

“Was it good for you?” is the 1st chapter and is a very good insight into a tester’s mind. It puts forward their qualities, highlights what makes a tester thrive and offers the team members who do not have a good understanding of this role how to get the best out of it in order to work the most efficiently and improving relationship.

My favourite part is that sentence referring to a tester’s job: “How many jobs in the business venue pay you to tell the truth?” It says it all. Testers will say the truth about your software quality, it is their job. This major statement explains why testers are sometimes perceived as being negative towards the work being done, when in fact they see the work from a different perspective.


Lyontesting blog team wishes you an excellent read and a good weekend!


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