Our reading recommendations of the week #39 – 2019

Our reading recommendations of the week #39 – 2019

Dear readers, it’s not easy to find time for reading and improve our tester skills. Hopefully, we try to gather a few articles that have a certain interest if you are in a continuous improvement process. This week, we share with you these 3 subjects around automation:

  • Writing Good Gherkin Enables Good Test Automation
  • UI Test Automation Frameworks Showdown: TestCafé versus Nightwatch.js
  • Beyond Page Objects: Next Generation Test Automation with Serenity and the Screenplay Pattern

Behavior Driven Development is a must known by the 3 amigos: Product Owners, Developers and testers. Using Gherkin syntax, it’s a very good way to discuss a shared understanding of how a feature should behave. But as many things, it’s hard to write good gherkin, and the level of these specifications will mimic the quality of the automation inspired by them. Angie Jones explains how to write good gherkin to enable good test automation.

Some like to write their automation from scratch, others prefer to be helped by tools. For the latter, TestCafé and Nightwatch.js are to be considered if you are ok to write a bit of simple JavaScript. Christine Zierold gives a quick overview and compare these two frameworks in this article.

Finally, let’s challenge the famous page objects design pattern with a less used pattern using Screenplay and Serenity BDD (yes BDD again). That’s a long technical read, so sit down and enjoy this article by Andy PalmerAntony Marcano and Jan Molak.

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