Our reading recommendations of the week #38 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #38 – 2018

Here are our reading recommendations for this week :

  • Feedback from Vukovar Testival 2018,
  • Priority Call, or how to define fix priorities,
  • Why the Tester-To-Developer ratio is not necessarily what is causing the bottlenecks.

Vukovar Testival 2018 is a recent free event taking place in Croatia and gathering software testers; Amongst the topics talked about, you can read the Keynote Session report which Karlo Smid attended, covering the basics of Session Based Test Management through a functionality tour example, with resources that you can use in your own project.

Then, Chris Hazell shares his views on how to make the right Priority Call for bug fixes within the team. He gives definitions of priorities which he judges as ‘independent of the current status of the project’.

Finally, an interesting thought by Justin Rohrman upon the usual sentence we can hear: “We have too much work to do! Let’s just get another resource in!” Looking beyond the Tester-to-Developer Ratio makes us think twice about the real problem before hiring.

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See you in two weeks!

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