Our reading recommendations of the week #36 – 2019

Our reading recommendations of the week #36 – 2019

Welcome back from holidays ! We hope you spent a great summer.

You will find here our reading recommendations :

  • A card game for testers involving God, Prophets and scientists : Eleusis
  • I test in production
  • Resources to learn Python

To carry on with the fun time you had during your summer break, let’s talk about games!

“Eleusis” is a game for testers in which you can alternatively become a scientist, God or a prophet. Watch the complete video tutorial to know the rules. Gregory Paciga gives us a review by explaining why he thinks this game is made for testers, and has other interesting articles about running games with testers during Meetup or workshops.

On a different note, Charity Majors, CTO of honeycomb.io, a company providing solutions to help you investigating and testing your production systems, shares her vision about testing in production environment, which is performed implicitly by most engineers but does not get the recognition it deserves despite its great advantages. We found the article inspiring since it is an unusual vision of what we usually read, especially about her perspective on failures!

Finally, if you came back from holidays with the motivation to learn a new scripting language, here are some resources to learn Python!


See you next time!

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