Our reading recommendations of the week #36 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #36 – 2018

Back from holidays, it’s time to share with you a new list of reading recommendations. This week, we’ll cover the following subjects:

  • Testers in an Agile environment and why it’s wrong to pretend being agile with no testers in the team
  • Mindful Testing
  • Make a technical debt payment plan

In this blog post, Jean-Pierre Lambert starts with the following question: “Why so few Agile Testers?” and explains his point of view about this role and why “faux-Agile” team are wrong thinking that they can work with no testers.

In the second post titled “Mindful Testing – something like meditation for your testing project“, you’ll learn that being fully concentrated is not easy, also while testing. Joel Montvelisky gives some advice to help you be more productive and efficient without being skewed from your primary task.

Trish Khoo explains the importance of writing a technical debt payment plan in the following article, which is a kind of roadmap with the goal to eradicate the technical debt incrementally: Make a technical debt payment plan.


I hope you enjoyed those 3 readings. Would you recommend any other article that particularly blows your mind recently? If yes, please share it as a comment at the bottom of this page.

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