Our reading recommendations of the week #33 – 2017

Our reading recommendations of the week #33 – 2017

Bloggers never stop to write, even during summer break. We originally planned to publish less reading recommendations but there are too many interesting links, blog posts and books to share, so here’s again a quick list of good ones.

The latest August edition of Testing Trapeze has been published a few days ago, and you will find very good stuff including the following subjects:

  • When you cannot test some parts of a product because, for example, some external components are not ready, then you can still find a way by using stubs of Service Virtualization. But what are the differences of those two solutions, and what are the pros and the cons? You will find it by reading the article “Bespoke stubs versus Service Virtualisation” written by Bhumika Talsania
  • According to Jaco Van Tonder, some testers can be intimidated by technical stuffs (specifically when talking with developers) and are afraid of improving their technical skills. This can be called technostress, which can be caused by many reasons. Jaco explains this very well in the article “Technical skills required: Why are you getting all sweaty?“.
  • Sketching can be very useful in lots of situation. It all starts with a band trying to play Metallica, and this is what you will learn by reading “Test Sketching” written by Anthony O’Reilly.
  • Who owns Software quality?” is a question that bad managers are prone to answer with this boring answer: “QA” or “Quality Specialists”. Maybe we should better ask “Who doesn’t own Software Quality” because the answer to the first is closer to a simple “Everyone”. Manthan Gogari wrote about this in this Testing Trapeze August Edition.
  • Being a test manager is not easy, you should still acquire technical skills and at the same time be able to be a good manager which needs new competencies. That’s what Alessandra Moreira learnt and shares after managing testers for about 8 years in

Also, some books about Testing or Software Quality were published recently.

We first recommend to read “Changing Times: Quality for Humans in a Digital Age” written by Rich Rogers which has been reviewed by one of us and it will help you perceive quality differently.

Then you should also consider the book from Katrina Clokie called “A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps“.

Good read and enjoy your holidays!

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