Our reading recommendations of the week #30 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #30 – 2018

Here we go with our reading recommendations of this 30th week of this year. Be it on the beach, in the mountains or while fighting a mosquito in a tent, there’s no break for learning and sharing thanks to awesome people around the world writing blog articles. This week, we’ll cover the following subjects:

  • Maybe that asking yourself “What tests to automate?” is not the right question
  • The software Testing anti-patterns
  • The importance of Design QA

We are often asked to find a strategy for automatic check. What is best to automate? Boring tests? Tests that are often repeated? Your regression test plan?

Mr. Viktor Slavchev suggests another strategy by starting to find an answer to “How can I help Testing” in the following article.

Starting with the Testing pyramid (unit, integration and e2e tests), Kostis Kapelonis details all the 13 testing anti-patterns in this long enthralling article: The Software Testing anti-patterns.

Finally, finding inconsistencies in digital product design should not be neglected. Adding features is a thing, but quality also means it needs to be well designed and consistent with the rest of the product, and no design debt should never be added at any time. Please read this article introducing Design QA written by Jess Eddy.


See you in a few weeks for other reading recommendations. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer!

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