Our reading recommendations of the week #28 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #28 – 2018

Welcome to our reading recommendations of this week, you will read the following articles :

  • What is A/B Testing about?
  • Participating in code reviews as a tester
  • Crafting user stories that agile teams will love

A/B testing is a very special type of test. It carries a test name and uses simple methods: when used in the right way, it can get very relevant outcomes. I invite you to discover it in the article “What is A/B Testing About?” written by Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Code reviews are too often reserved for developers only. Chris Kenst suggest ideas in order for testers to finally be able to integrate this activity and strenghten the tester/developer collaboration. Read this article.

To finish, a bit of theory with the good construction of the US so that users finally love this type of abstract language.
Nishi Grover sticks to the exercise in this article.

Thank you for your attention, and see you in two weeks!

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