Our reading recommendations of the week #26 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #26 – 2018

Welcome to our reading recommendations of this week, you will read the following articles :

  • A starving man can not learn to fish
  • What is Docker ? – Easily explained to testers
  • Accessibility article in FRench – Chiffres sur l’accessibilité du web calédonien
  • Introduction to SQL injection

“Sometimes as testers in an agile environment we want to jump in and get straight to teaching people when instead we should sit back and feed the team”. This first article, “A starving man can not learn to fish“, gives us food for thoughts about this objective that we may want to rush.

Are you still wondering what the hell is Docker and how it can help you with your day-to-day testing life ?  Quality Spectrum tries to explain in the simplest way “What is Docker“.

A french tester is honoured this week, Zoé Thivet : working in New Caledonia, a french territory offshore, she wrote a very interesting article upon the accessibility across new-caledonian websites : “Chiffres sur l’accessibilité du web calédonien

Finally, a bit of technique : “Introduction to SQL injection” written by Kristin Jackvony. I strongly recommend to read her Google page where she gives many quick and easy technical tutorials for test tools that we often use. If you are afraid of the word ‘POST’ in your testing job because it sounds ‘too’ technical for you, that page is perfect to get your fears away!

Thank you for your attention, and see you in two weeks !

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