Our reading recommendations of the week #24/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #24/17

This week, we suggest you to read four articles:

Testing documentation is not a field where you are used to see great innovation, it can most of the time been considered as really boring, hard to write and maintain, and also sometimes not used. Cassandra explains how HISToW (How It’s Supposed To Work) was created in order to fix this: Introducing HISToW

Chris was a bit annoyed after attending a conference dedicated to Lead developers, where a lot of jokes were made against testers. Let him remind everyone that without testing there is no development

Then, an interview of Bas Dijkstra talking about his speciality, test automation, but also about how testing can benefit of a strategy including service virtualization: Test automation is not enough for quality

Finally, because we all have hard time communicating and persuade our peers, Katrina shares with us the SPIN technique, which was initially invented for sales team but can be used during a stand-up meeting or during a retrospective: Using SPIN for persuasive communication

Enjoy, and see you next time!

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