Our reading recommendations of the week #24 – 2019

Our reading recommendations of the week #24 – 2019

Welcome to our new reading recommendations!

Today topics bring us back to school with basic software testing techniques:

  • A Far-West with “The regular, the blank and the error”
  • Always test these 5 conditions
  • Example for Domain testing and the ‘Counterstrings’ tip
  • Write better bug titles

With acquiring experience in companies we may be brought to conduct complex testing. Our brain then tends to forget about basics and tends to overcomplicate things. It is sometimes good to take a step back.

Alexey Sotskov gives us various articles to read:

At first, a quick start technique and mindset to use : The regular, the blank and the error

Then, to test variable values, Always test these 5 conditions.

Write better bug titles by entitling it with the symptom and not the root cause neither the expected result.

If you find yourself with lots of test cases to run and too little time, select a few efficient one with Domain testing – Example on Google Calendar by Karlo Smid.

If you need to go into details about the conditions of a string truncation, you can use James Bach‘s useful tip : counterstrings.

We hope those basics have awaken simple ideas to make your testing life easier! See you next time

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