Our reading recommendations of the week #22/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #22/17

Welcome back!

I don’t know about where you live, but in Lyon, France, the sun has started to shine a lot and the time of slowing down sports activities has come: it is now time for a relaxing time under the trees at lunch time or in the evening, with a good reading!

Here are our weekly recommendations to welcome your chilling moment:

  • Talking about test data
  • ’99 second introduction’ series: learning testing
  • The testing social network

Test data at first. Have you ever felt not inspired when having to use various test data, or do you find that you always use the same data patterns?  The article “Improving test data” from James Sheasby Thomas describes those problematics and is looking for ways of improving our approach to test data. His thoughts are detailed and raise our attention onto something that we may use everyday without even blinking.

This second article, “Test personas”, by Kristīne Corbus, will give you concrete examples about using real data to test customer details.

Are you a junior tester feeling what else you could start learning, or on the other hand do you feel you have too little time to dedicate to learning testing?

Discover the ’99 second introduction’ series released by the Software Testing Clinic, led by Dan Ashby and Mark Winteringham; What is great is, the title speaks for itself: you just need 99seconds of your time! (Just sign up for free on the Ministry Of Testing website to access the content).

While we are talking about testing community, are you also wondering how to get access to more resources and getting involved with other similar peers? This summary of a Meetup presentation in the UK, “The testing social network”, by Lee Marshall, will give you a broad vision of the landscape of software testing community.

Enjoy those readings under that shadowy tree that you have found to protect yourself from the sun, and see you next time!

2 thoughts on “Our reading recommendations of the week #22/17

  1. Hi,

    Just letting you know that my Meetup talk was in the UK, not the USA.

    Thank you for the link to my blog post.

    p.s. Sadly the sun is very much not shining, and is hidden away behind rain 🙁

    1. Hi Lee, thank you for highlighting that mistake, I corrected it.
      If the sun is not shining, I assume the tree has turned into a proper house. Hopefully you will get some soon as well!

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