Our reading recommendations of the week #22 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #22 – 2018

Welcome to our weekly reading recommendations! This week you will read about the following topics:

  • Most Common Mistakes During the Transition to Agile
  • How to use Moments within Postman
  • Dockerized testing vs end-to-end testing

First a long list of common mistakes an Agile coach often sees in companies failing to adopt Agile. It seems so easy to “be Agile”, but if you ignore the quality factor or have a poor team structure unable to act as a truly cross-functional team (to only cite a few), then success is far from being guaranteed. The post written by David Tzemach comes in 2 parts: part 1 and part 2.

Then Danny Dainton, a big fan of Postman gives some tips on how to use moment.js module easily for all your time-based needs. Hold on, wait a moment…. To go even further, you can also check the dedicated Github page maintained by Danny.

Finally, you may want to read another blog post comparing end-2-end testing to what Max Wenzin named Dockerized tests: Dockerized testing vs end-to-end testing.

Happy reading! Happy learning!

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