Our reading recommendations of the week #1/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #1/17

Please allow us to first wish you a very happy new year. May year 2017 be a year of all success, new learning about Software Testing, and maybe new challenges. Who knows what will be the future of testing? Software dev and test in 2017, what’s next?

New year always comes with good resolutions too.

What about getting rid of this bad habit of procrastination? By using flow charts, Dr. Patrick Keelan helps you to draw a plan with small steps and explains how to overcome moments when you are running-low on motivation in order to reach a goal, though postponing is very tempting : Overcoming procrastination: A flow-chart approach

Last one, a reflexion on test cases, which should answer those three basic questions : “what to check?”, “why does the check exist?” and “how to check?”. You will find the article here on Medium. Regarding this topic you may want to read Michael Bolton‘s Twitter thread about test cases.

Finally, if you have not done it yet, you can take part of the 2017 State of Testing Survey here.

Thanks for reading!

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