Our reading recommendations of the week #20 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #20 – 2018

Welcome to our reading recommendations, this week you will read about:

  • 30 days of e-commerce testing challenge by the Ministry Of Testing,
  • Accessibility issues with banking websites affecting blind customers,
  • An original way of recruiting,
  • Starting guide for E2E automation tool.

The 30 days of e-commerce testing challenge has been launched since the beginning of May 2018 by the Ministry Of Testing. If you decide to do it, do not forget the most important: sharing your findings with the community, such as the SuperTestingBros do, alias James Espie and Dan Barrow. Read their full experience on their blog. They dug interesting information such as this checklist for testing features in e-commerce websites.

Several months ago I did osteopathy with a specialist who was blind; While patting on my back and moving around some vertebrae of mine, he explained me how he used iOS screen reader functionality to be able to get on with his banking applications. The article Blind customers locked out by bank web upgrades released recently by the BBC reminded me of the problematics that disabled people can meet with technology when accessibility is underlooked. A very empathic read!

Recruitment process may lead to disappointment since candidates spend a few hours within a formal context and meeting few people they may even not work along with. To decrease this risk, the company QualityMinds establishes the “Meet The Minds Day“, a full day of integrating the candidate into the former’s daily life. Have a read, it may inspire you to find your own pearls!

Finally, if you are interested in End-To-End Automation, read this starting guide of the tool Protractor by Sami Reshi.

See you next time!

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