Our reading recommendations of the week #2– 2020

Our reading recommendations of the week #2– 2020

Here we are with our first reading recommendations of this year. A perfect time to wish you a happy Testing year, hoping that all your wishes will come true. The 3 things we wanted to share with you are the following:

  • Parking meters are rejecting credit cards in Y2K-Type Glitch:
  • It is time to get serious about software testing in the 2020’s: Postmodern
  • Automation learning

The first article is, contrary to appearances, a recent one. Indeed, in New York city, the very old Y2k bug is back in 2020. 14,000 meters were unable to be used with credit card due to a software glitch that recalled the Y2K bug. That’s a piece of software that has probably not been properly tested. See this New York Times article.

New year, new resolutions. What’s yours? Maybe that it’s time to be serious about Software Testing. Our fields is changing very quickly, and we need to adapt ourselves to even more complex environments and constantly learn new things. That’s the point of Jason Arbon with Testing in the 2020’s: Postmodern.

Finally, if you are not yet an expert in automation, maybe that you have the goal to improve these very desired skills. For this, I found the Test Automation University a very good learning platform free of charge. You just have to unroll here, then choose what you want to learn, for example by following one of the learning paths (Web UI Java path, Codeless path, etc…).

Happy reading, happy learning!

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