Our reading recommendations of the week #2 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #2 – 2018

Welcome to our reading recommendations!

This week will be focused on the most important resources in IT… us !

  • But….I want it now!
  • The art of the error message
  • Keeping the Conference Momentum Going
  • The Eneagramm: a model to understand better your teammate’s motivations

Our recommendations start with a quick rant at the crazy pace the IT industry faces and a good advice from Carlos Mueses who reminds us to slow down… But…I want it now! It reconnects to the need of a minimum slack time to allow for innovation.

Being already stressed by a crazy life pace, we can get even more frustration when using a product with useless and vague error messages. Since it can be the turning point for a customer to carry on or give up using the application, Marina Posniak, UX writer at Spotify, details three important points with to think of in The art of the error message, in order to design reassuring and useful error messages leading to problem resolution.

Human relationship drives teams and makes success stories or failures. It may be hard to communicate with some team mates if our goals differ and no common ground can be found. The Eneagramm is a model built to help understanding personality types and inner motivations: you can read the english version of How it works or the french version: Qu’est-ce que l’Eneagramme?

Finally, have you ever attended a testing conference? If so, do you remember how you felt right after during the following days? Probably enthusiastic! And what about two months later? You probably forgot most of it and went back to business as usual, leaving your notes asides without using them… Daniel Barrow, QA at PushPay in New-Zealand, noticed that evolution and shares tips with us for Keeping The Conference Momentum Going.

Enjoy your readings and see you next time!

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