Our reading recommendations of the week #19/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #19/17

Here are our reading recommendations of the week #19. We are first suggesting 2 articles around a recurrent subject: automatic checking and how to deal with flaky tests. Then a feedback about how challenging it is to be a software tester in a Continuous Deployment environment. Finally, the last article is an analogy with restaurants that intend to help testers introducing themselves to developers.

Should we be satisfied with tests that needs to be runned several times before being ok? Should a flaky test be re-runned until it succeeds? Or do you think that re-running failed tests is poisonous and should be avoided? That is the position of Semaphore CI which does not support rerunning failing flaky tests. What do you, as a tester, think about this approach? The article, written by Predrag Rakić, can be found here.

You may also be interested by this article “Where do our flaky tests come from” from the Google Testing Blog, which is related to the same topic.

It is always good to look back to your previous position and think about your work. That’s what Kim Knup is doing here about her role at songkick in a Continuous Deployment team as a tester, quite lost in the beginning, but trying to fit.

We all have difficulties to talk about our job, specifically to those who are not in the business of IT: that is why we have the following question in our interview of a tester series: “How would you describe your work to a 6-year-old?”. But it may also be hard to explain how valuable we can be in a team to developers: Katrina the tester suggests the analogy with restaurants, and as usual, her posts are highly recommended: Introducing testers to developers.

Thanks for reading our recommendations. We will be back in 2 weeks.

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