Our reading recommendations of the week #17/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #17/17

Welcome to our weekly reading recommendations!

This week you can read about the following topics:

  • TestBash Brighton’s online videos
  • Testing Trapeze – April 2017: Test automation for machine learning & testing randomness
  • Looking for good problems instead of great ideas

TestBash software testing conference happened again in Brighton in the United Kingdom on 23rd and 24th of March 2017; The good news is: the videos from the presentations are now available online! View the list here on Ministry Of Testing website.

On another side, the Testing Trapeze magazine released its April edition which contains various interesting articles, such as:

“Test automation for machine learning: An experience report” by Angie Jones

A very detailed and practical article about how to approach the testing of machine learning from whom we can not expect exact results, unlike software we are used to test. Angie Jones explains several challenges she faced:

  • Preparing the test data, which was about making the system learn before it could perform the actions that needed to be tested,
  • How to analyse and interpret the data obtained,
  • Filling a machine learning bug report which had nothing to do with the report from a bug that can be reproduced easily with clear steps..

“Testing randomness” from Anne-Marie Charrett

This article gives several oracles and tools associated in order to test randomness accuracy. It links to the need for testers to have at hand sophisticated oracles to be able to test complex systems.

Download the magazine in PDF

And finally, one last thought given by Greg Satell, which I felt personally met one of the talks I heard recently at MiXiT 2017 conference in Lyon:

Looking for problems instead of great ideas

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