Our reading recommendations of the week #15/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #15/17

Welcome to our weekly reading recommendations!

This week you can read about the following topics:

  • Videos of SeleniumConf in Austin
  • A new blog about Testing and the importance of the “what”
  • How to approach the creation of automated user interface-driven tests?

The Annual SeleniumConf took place in Austin, Texas during previous week. If, like us, you couldn’t attend and if you are interested in what was discussed there, all videos are available on YouTube here.

A new blog about testing is born thanks to Geert van de Lisdonk aka TestHeader, a tester from Belgium. The first blog post is about communication and why a “what” is better than a “why” when you have to ask someone something that may be the start of a difficult conversation.

Bas Dijkstra noticed that he often receives questions about how he would approach creating a ‘framework’ (or ‘solution’, or ‘template’, whatever) for end-to-end user interface-driven tests. In order to prevent being asked again, he decided to write this very detailed blog post: How I would approach creating automated user interface-driven tests

Plus, you will find a ‘blueprint’ illustrating how he is approaching creating tests with an entire solution available on his GitHub page.

Have a nice week-end and happy easter!

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