Our reading recommendations of the week #14 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #14 – 2018

Welcome to our reading recommendations!

This week you can read:

  • What is a test persona?
  • A tester walks into a bar: reviewing test techniques.
  • “Rapid Software testing”: an interview of Michael Bolton

For the first time being at my company I will be entering the dragon’s den, full of precious gems for our software but also hiding traps and slipping paths… going on-site to meet one of our customers!

While I am preparing that meeting in order to be able to take out valuable test scenarios, I came across this interesting article from Katrine Kavli, “What is a test persona?“. It gives a concise insight on the minimum information required to draw such a character for your application testing.

In your lifetime you must have heard at least once about the joke: “A [whatever name you may find] walks into a bar…”. I sometimes use this joke in improvisation theater where we tend to replace the [whatever name you may find] by any name which comes immediately in mind. László Szegedi decided to reuse that joke in the context of software testing: “A tester walks into a bar: reviewing test techniques“. I found it a refreshing and original way of going through known test methods that we often apply.

Finally, an audio recommendation with the interview of Michael Bolton by Joe Colantonio explaining Rapid Software Testing, a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly and credibly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure. Listen to it if you want to know how to perform the fastest, least expensive testing you can while still completely fulfilling the mission of testing.

That’s it for this week folks! See you in two weeks time!


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