Our reading recommendations of the week #13/17

Our reading recommendations of the week #13/17

Welcome to our reading recommendations of the week!

This week, we suggest you three articles:

The sun has arisen in Lyon, France. It is the moment the days start becoming longer, and when you feel you can still enjoy the sunlight afterwork.

Moral is usually going up as well. YOUR moral will be in the mood for our selection of new articles.

At first, personal tips on how to make the best out of that ‘first meeting with the system’ feeling that we have all experienced. The author advises us to focus particularly on writing down all your assumptions and letting them evolve over time:

First meeting testing

Then, a strong post about the prejudice that the most important and valuable part of a tester job is to ‘catch’ or ‘prevent’ bugs. We personally feel that a tester brings more value at preventing bugs than catching them, but the author here introduces a new word: ‘foreseeing’, and extends it to issues, which, amongst many things, include bugs.

Stop telling testers to prevent issues

Finally, a feedback upon a test case management tool: SquashTM. It is written in french (sorry english-speaker folks), and highlights the contribution of testers from the french overseas territory of New Caledonia:

Squash TM v1.15.x: quelles évolutions


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