Our reading recommendations of the week #11 – 2019

Our reading recommendations of the week #11 – 2019

Welcome to our new reading recommendations!

This week the topics will be :

  • You can only protect 1out of 3 layer of your digital identity,
  • Start testing without equipment,
  • Power of vulnerability,
  • Mobile UI : Design Trends for 2019

The first article is not focused on testing but contains interesting thoughts about the way big data profiles each one of us. After all, you may test one of those algorithms and be involved in that matter deeper than you think. Make yourself an opinion with the problematics exposed by Katarzyna Szymielewicz : Your digital identity has three layers, and you can only protect one of them.

Next article is from Cassandra H. Leung explaining the testing you can perform without having the proper equipment for the hands-on part. It happened to her when arriving on-site at a new customer : Ideas to Start Testing Without Equipment

Soft skills require more courage than hard skills.” This sentence enlightens the following article from Dan Rockwell : 7 Powers of Vulnerability which is an interesting approach to help testers who are in charge of leading a team.

Finally, some insight into 2019’s mobile applications design trends coming up, by Alex Hope.Thank you for your attention and see you in three weeks for a new set of recommendations!

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