Our reading recommendations of the week #10 – 2018

Our reading recommendations of the week #10 – 2018

Welcome to our bi-monthly reading recommendations!

This time read about the following topics:
– Becoming rich with Spotify without being a musician
– Signing off on a release: is it the tester responsibility?
– An AI trying to catch bugs before devs make them

Let’s start with Spotify. The music streaming service may have been scammed by a Bulgarian playlister which breaks no law. He just created playlists and premium accounts listening continuously the songs of the playlist. A bug? A scam? Not so sure, maybe just a clever man using the application functionalities in order to become rich. Read this investigation written by Tim Ingham from @musicbizworld: The great big Spotify scam: Did a Bulgarian playlister swindle their way to a fortune on streaming service?.

Then, let’s talk about signing off on a release, Michael Bolton explains that testers should never do that. The decision being a business decision, not a technical one. Read how to deal with that if you are asked to decide to ship or not: Signing off.

Finally, let’s see how Ubisoft tries to catch bugs before devs make them with some Artificial Intelligence. Read the article from Matt Kamen: Ubisoft is using AI to catch bugs in games before devs make them.

That’s all for this week. Happy reading!

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