Lyon Testing Meetup #2

Lyon Testing Meetup #2

The Lyon Testing Group organizes its second event devoted to the tests in Lyon and surroundings on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017. You can find all the details on the page.

For this second evening, we will present 2 subjects.

Introduction to Apache / JMeter for performance Testing

The web has taken an increasingly important part in the world today. In a society less and less patient led by major keywords such as “faster and faster”, the interest of performance testing has become essential. Predicting a website response time in order to guarantee a maximum availability upon a product launch is now a standard. JMeter/Gatling/Neoload/LoadRunner are all software that allow those measurements. After introducing performance testing, Cedric, member of Lyon Testing, will build a simple performance shooting and will automate it with Jenkins using Apache JMeter as a support.

How to continuously test in an agile environment

Following a discussion which began in the previous meetup, Antony Bartel, Test Manager at Thales Services, will give us a feedback on what he implements to effectively test products in an agile environment.

Ministry Of Testing

As you can see on the page of the Lyon Testing event, this group has become a Ministry Of Testing Meetup such as other similar groups in Europe (London, Dublin, Copenhagen …) and in the United States (Boston, Portland). It is still early to know what this partnership will bring us, however other cities which have already experienced it may testify if they read us. It is in any case a great opportunity for Ministry Of Testing to have a presence in France, Lyon being the first city.

Who can attend?

This event is opened to everyone, though the main focus is on software testers profiles. Entrance is free, a big thank you to the Tour du Web for hosting the event, but also to our sponsor Linagora which will allow us to continue the discussion after the presentation around some food and drinks.

Cédric, François, Stéphane and Thomas

To be able to attend the Meetup please register on the event page

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