Lyon Testing is 1 year old!

Lyon Testing is 1 year old!

Right now I have this song in mind

It’s been a year since we started the “LyonTesting” group, time for us to do a first assessment.

How did we meet?

  • All 4 registered on the ‘LyonTechHub‘ Slack,
  • We started by organizing lunchtime meals to discuss.

Why the Meetup?

The idea of ​​organizing a Meetup dedicated to the test in Lyon quickly became a reality.

It is part of 2 observations:

  • The size of the testers ecosystem on Lyon was ‘unknown’ and rather discreet: it was just our former colleagues and some LinkedIn profiles,
  • The Tech community was very developed in Lyon: CARA Agile, Software Craftsmanship … but no group for functional testing

The goal ?

  • Meet other peer testers,
  • Instill the interest of Meetups for a community to rise,
  • Restore the value of our job as a tester and of this role often misunderstood
  • To accompany those who wish to orient themselves towards this profession.

The Meetup


We have always aimed at remaining independent enough in order to maintain the image of a knowledge-sharing-oriented community. For this reason, we have so far chosen only one-time corporate sponsors for each Meetup. which allows us to tailor funding according to the type of event.

Looking for occasional sponsors takes time, but it gives us the feeling to build according to our desires.

In early 2017 we got closer to the Ministry Of Testing community: they sponsor the Meetup account. We chose them because they understand our job better than anyone (they are all testers) and reflect the image that we would like the test to have: a complete professional activity that offers varied and concrete career and does not jut come down to certifications sold like bread (or cheese since we are french).

The public

We keep seing with pleasure at each Meetup familiar heads. For us, it is already a victory for the community to survive: a handful of assiduous people. We also dedicate a thought to a person who traveled especially from Grenoble during the Lean Coffee session in April 2017: this is proof that there is a real need for events about testing, that the content we propose is interesting, and hopefully varied enough.


On average, 50% of Meetup subscribers actually come, but it went down to 30% in the last session in June 2017 when we were hosting a Paris speaker, Thierry Gerbeauread his interview on our blog.

Although the weather that evening did not help us – a very stormy weather that made us fear the rain, and which had probably demotivated many people thinking they would probably be under a shower on the way back! – we have deduced that June was not a good month to organize this kind of events: in fact, the arrival of the fine days, the end-of-year shows of activities for both children and adults, end-of-year fatigue, and projects to finish urgently before the summer break are all factors which explain the little participation we have had.

Moreover, finding sponsors and a suitable place remains difficult. The “Tour du Web” has superb premises very suitable but they are in great demand and not always available. Other places are less adapted, too big or too small, too far from the center of the city …

Similarly, finding motivated speakers is not easy. Once again, we would like to thank those who have started:

Our visibility

Some anecdotes which testify from our visibility:

  • The London speaker James Lyndsay found us online thanks to our blog, which did not fail to surprise us and encourage us. This blog is our showcase.
  • We co-hosted a Testshere workshop at the MixIT 2017 conference: this game becomes very popular within Ministry Of Testing Meetups,
  • Stéphane Colson, one of the organizers of our LyonTesting group, wrote in June 2017 an article for the well-known New Zealand test magazine Testing Trapeze
  • Our session Lean Coffee was successful because it was taken up by the first Meetup Ministry Of Testing launched in Paris by Nicolas Canseco and Stephanie Desby – and with whom we are in contact.

We are also making great efforts to improve our visibility in France and abroad:

  • Writing recommendations every two weeks,
  • Writing articles with various subjects, such as recruitment or mobile tests
  • We have started the series of interviews to give the floor to those who wish. For the time being we have focused our efforts on French participants, we are thinking about expanding the circle internationally,
  • We are present on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Bloglovin and Medium to relay our publications.

Blog stats

We had 5,119 unique visitors, almost 30000 page views and a very low rebound rate since it is 1.50%, which means that people who come do not leave directly.


The visits come mainly from France, but not only because apart from the African and Greenland desert, we have been read from almost everywhere.



And we see that the readership is mainly English.


We are not statistics champions, so do not hesitate to react on these results over the period September 2016-August 2017 if you have better interpretations.

Twitter Statistics

We mainly use Twitter as the main communication relay of our blog and Meetups.


We are now followed by 1121 accounts, and tweets are gaining impressions. These figures have been steadily increasing since we started.

Meetup statistics

The Lyon Testing Meetup currently has 161 members. We organized 5 Meetup and 1 Eventbrite which is a total of 6 events. The number of participants varied between 6 and 20.

Objectives for this 2nd year:

  • Continue to vary the formats and subjects so that each one finds his account there,
  • Consider holding a hands-on testing workshop, where everyone could test with their laptop or phone,
  • Get an audience with even more varied profiles!

Support the test community in Lyon

The community is evolving, and the obligations of its members too: Thomas Carpentier moved to Besançon this year and can no longer contribute actively to the organization of events in Lyon. We would like to thank him for his valuable help in organizing the Meetups to which he contributed.

The departure of Thomas reminds us that a community can very quickly be weakened by each person’s professional and personal obligations. However, it is also very easy to feed it with contributions as small as they are: participating in a Meetup, writing a short article about a certain idea, a methodology, following the community on social networks and sharing links … Any constructive contribution is welcome!

Beyond the energy we invest in these Meetups, we seek to prepare the ground for the next generation. You do not know yet, but deep down you may be lurking a future successful author of test articles, and maybe also an exciting, skilled and spirited speaker!

So, let’s go for this second year!

François, Cédric and Stéphane

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