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Our reading recommendations of the week #47/16

Our reading recommendations of the week #47/16

Winter is approaching.

Sunshine is hiding more and more, gloves came out of their box again as the atmosphere gets chilly… A perfect time to lock yourself up at home with good reading recommendations!

Firefox DevTools has now a network throttling tool to simulate slow connections, just like Chromium/Chrome since a while. It is currently available only with Firefox nightly build version 52. Read the announcement in the Mozilla blog

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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

We are a group of Software testers based in the town of Lyon, France.

Our passion for our field of expertise, testing, led us to create this website in order to share our knowledge and build up a pro-active community of people working in testing.

Whether you are a tester, a developer, a Product Owner, a UX designer, or any other person involved with software development or in any other testing field, you will find – we hope – interesting articles on this blog.

Those articles are written to give you the most objective feedback as possible, and should hopefully help providing you with solutions to existing problem, or at least valuable ideas that you can reinvest in your daily work. They will cover different categories, such as testing tools, exploratory testing, test management tool, etc.


Our focus: understand the user perspective…

…in order to achieve great software quality.

Testing is a cognitive activity and requires a specific mindset, which means our articles will not only interest people engaged with software development. Some of our articles may cover other topics more general such as social sciences or self-assessment.

This is a great news! It means that you can still contribute even if you don’t have a deep understanding of IT and software testing. After all, software is supposed to bring value to human beings using it.


Your experience and feedback matters!

Yes, it does, and this is what we are looking for: useful comments to trigger valuable discussions. Sharing your opinions and giving us feedback will help us improving the blog content quality and will contribute developing the test community.

So please: read us, comment, agree or disagree, like or dislike. We are looking forward to your feedback.



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