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Feedback from Nordic Testing Days conference – Audience perspective

Feedback from Nordic Testing Days conference – Audience perspective



Nordic Testing Days 2016

Software testing conferences have spread up very quickly those last years. With nearly every country in Europe having its own, it can become difficult to make a choice when attending one. 

After hearing a very good feedback from the Nordic Testing Days conference in Estonia from one of my previous managers, which compared it to a dozen of others, I decided to follow his recommendation: well, I was not disappointed at all. Let me present you here a summary of what happened.


It is 9 AM on Thursday, 2nd of June, in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia: the public is gathered in the biggest room and waits for the conference to start. The chairwoman comes up on stage, starts her speech, and within the next five minutes she makes a striking announcement: ‘We have plenty of food for the testers gathered here, because we don’t like hungry testers: they may start breaking software!”.

The audience laughs. The context and tone is set up. It sounds promising.


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