Reading recommendations – Summer special #31 – 2017

Reading recommendations – Summer special #31 – 2017

This special reading edition of the summer is inspired by our readings of this article published by the monthly tech american magazine Wired: “Inside the hunt for Russia’s most notorious hacker

We really liked that story.

It takes a good hour to read it through, but we were hooked up, as you can be in front of TV shows or soap operas (except that it is not about Brandon nor Kimberley here, but about Tillmann, James and Evgeniy). A perfect reading for the summer to take a step back. For our french readers, you can even find the translation on Courrier International website, provided that you are a subscriber.

Taking you through the ‘Zeus’ malware story, it only gives us a small idea about what is going on behind the stage nowadays regarding the web cybersecurity. Testers sometimes have to test security requirements: their curiosity and front-line position regarding customers can turn them into a strong asset to assess the products’ security flaws. They need to understand the challenges at a larger scale, and be aware of where the danger can come from to draw security testing scenarii.

Botnet attacks, spying countries and planning military moves through infected computers… Remember also that DDoS internet attack last year in October 2016? Does all that remind you of a movie?

Well, it is not a movie. This is life. It is happening right now.


PS: the article ends up with a conclusion about smart household gadgets, you can find out more with the article below:

The hackable home: how half of smart household gadgets tested […] were vulnerable to attack by criminals […]

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